Gwen did an outstanding job in assisting us with our housing needs. Her patience and determination to find a home that reflected our personality and needs was amazing. After 8 months of looking we finally found the perfect home and this is where Gwen's negotiation skills and attention to details came into play ensuring that everything about the transaction was transparent and beneficial to us as a buyer. During this process, Gwen was very responsive in our communications and went above and beyond in providing us with her time and attention. I would highly recommend Gwen to anyone who is looking for a Realtor to help them buy or sell their home. She is someone who will offer a personalized experience with the utmost professionalism.


Thank you so much Gwen! This definitely was not a slam dunk! You worked your little fanny off and we can't thank you enough! You stuck with it where others would have dropped the ball. You have a fantastic work ethic and have been a joy to work with!

Jon and Kamie

Thank you so much for all of your support through this process Gwen. It has been a journey and I know has required a lot of weekend calls/texts and you have always been super responsive and helpful. We feel great about the new home so far and very good about the price we got for our home. A great outcome all around.

Geoff and Ann

"Gwen is AMAZING! She’s A+ in her knowledge of the market conditions, follow up to our questions or concerns, attention to detail and listens without judgement and with respect. She interfaces well with and is well respected by other agents. She is literally the best agent ( and person) we’ve ever known and has the highest level of integrity. We would highly recommend her without question. "

From Yeong and Sue

Gwen Schultz has ruined us to work with any other agent! She is someone that gets it done and is the whole package. She helped us plan the best way to sell our house. Provided invaluable knowledge of the market to steer us in the right direction that was contrary to what other agents had recommended. Which turned out to be spot on… we sold our house in less than a week over what we were asking! Gwen doesn’t just care about the sale, she made the closing process extremely easy and transparent because she is detailed oriented and customer centric. The real reason we love Gwen is that she was willing to help us even after the sale of our house. We wanted to buy another house in a different state so we used a local agent there. She was not getting the job done! Only did the bare minimum which is totally opposite of the service level Gwen provided. Gwen offered to step in and talk to the other agent for us. She is super responsive. It’s like she has her phone glued to her. Gwen will always respond to our texts right away. These are only a few of the reasons why Gwen has ruined us to work with any other agent!
Sue and Yeong